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Abstractedly altered box

I have a friend who adores good quality packaging. Nothing makes her happier than a nice, strong, well-made box. She got a real habit going last year, ordering stuff from Harrods’ online store just so’s she could have it delivered in posh packaging.

Altered box

As you can see, she spread her gifts around and I was the delighted recipient of a bottle of ‘special’ wine in a Harrods’ box. So for this Christmas I thought I’d return the favour so to speak and give the box a makeover, stick a nice bottle of vino in and wrap it up for her.

Here’s how my altered box went…

1. Two coats of gesso.

Winebox makeover

2. Sprayed over stencils with Liquitex acrylic paint (the caps are behaving themselves as long as they are getting their hot water rinse right after use. They live in a cup of water until I need them).

Winebox makeover 1

3. Rough doodles – and I mean, really, really rough. It’s quite hard to draw on a box.

Winebox makeover 3

4. Colour added with markers and watercolour paint.

5. Gold outlined hearts and lots more doodling with black and white pen.

6. The magic charcoal rub and a little gold acrylic rubbed here and there.

7. Gold 3-D paint dribbled over the lettering.

8. Sprayed with semi-gloss varnish.   Winebox makeover 5 Winebox makeover 6 Winebox makeover 8 Winebox makeover 9 Winebox makeover 10




Doodle gifts

One good thing about making art is that it is a simple thing to produce a personal gift for a loved one. Especially if you bear in mind the other person’s preferences or home décor. Over the weekend I prepared some backgrounds ready for some fun doodle paintings – hopefully one or two will be perfect Christmas gifts. I also bought some lovely sturdy frames to show them off.

I have a loved one, who has very similar tastes to my own, and I know that she will appreciate anything I make for her :) In fact I painted two doodle-ies, one of which was this one:

Abstract doodle painting

Acrylic spray painted backgrounds – and boy, I just found out how clogged up Liquitex Spray Paint caps can get. I soaked and scrubbed and soaked and scrubbed until, eventually, they worked again. I now know to take the caps off and put them to soak in hot water immediately after use. Liquitex do sell replacement caps but, y’know, I already bought the paint… where was I?

Yes, so I spray painted over stencils. Coat of clear gesso. Doodled some of those seed heads, coloured with everything within reach; coloured pencils, markers, paint, pastels… oh anything that looked promising. One thing I have discovered with clear gesso is that pens which are usually waterproof become un-waterproof when used on gesso. This can work to your advantage if you know what to expect. However, it can cause a horrible mess if your black doodle ink seeps into your glorious turquoise!




Something new — painted abstract

I have a couple of large 3′ x 2′ canvases to use up so thought I’d try something different – a bit Flora Bowley and a bit doodley. Swathes of colour, lots of drippy back paint and some pen doodling on top. With Spotify blasting out and the kids out of my hair, I had a ton of fun with this one.

Flora Bowley-style abstract

Here’s a detail…

Detail abstract videos


The ‘essence’ of a painted doodle

After finishing “Ruby”, I wanted to continue in the same vein. Do you ever find that one of something is never enough, artwise? I’ll probably keep painting these Doodle-pips until boredom sets in. The lovely thing about making these is that they don’t need planning and I don’t have to stick to the same supplies in order to achieve the results I want. For example, sometimes I’ll start with the word in the centre and then spray over with Liquitex acrylic spray paint, or I might water colour the back ground before adding the word. Sometimes the flowers are watercolour, sometimes acrylic and even occasionally Neocolor lls or coloured pencil. Free and easy.

This time the acrylic spray was used over a stencil ruler, some sequin waste and a fruit netting bag. Then I used a dye-based brown ink pad for the stamped text. The leaves and flowers are Peerless Watercolors, as is the background. The sequence was: outlining the lettering, spray painting, watercolour wash, detailing the lettering, doodling flowers, painting flowers and outlining them doodly before adding white pen and more doodling.

Abstract flower painting

Original mixed media flower abstract “Essence”. 9 x 7 inches on Fabriano Artistico 140lb HP. £25.00 plus shipping.



Gift for a little girl

My lovely sister commissioned this doodle-pip as a gift for a young lady. Drew some inspiration from Joanna Fink’s ‘Zenspirations’. Mostly watercolour with some help from Tombow brush markers.

I’m really pleased with it as it is ‘young’ but not overly cute. Looks really good in a light cherry-wood frame.


Family doodle

Not sure when this current addiction to making these doodle paintings will wear off. I’m having a lot of fun with them — they are very free and relaxing. Did this one the night before last but nasty cold is still hanging around and I didn’t have the energy to write even a blog post this tiny.

I’m keeping this one, but if you want something similar, just let me know via my Facebook page.

Family doodle painting


















9×7″ Watercolor & mixed media. £25.00 plus p&p. See Galleries for more details.