Mixed media invitation

A few weeks ago I received a surprise invitation to submit my work to Mixed Media Art Magazine. This is a special downloadable e-mag exclusive to iTunes. As our email correspondence progressed it was suggested that they use my art and article for a bonus issue. Glad to say, I’m almost done and have one more article to write.

This piece was created to accompany a review on the fabulous Gelli Arts Gel Plate (you can read the original article at Hubpages).

The background is a Gelli print on watercolour paper. The acrylic paint was smooshed onto the plate, impressed with stencils, which I then lifted off and took the print. Next I added a coat of clear gesso as I needed a base that would hold further media. I doodled on some weird seed-heads (got a thing about these lately), and then used coloured pencil to fill them in. Lots of white correction pen and more black scribbling. It was too ‘pretty’ so I grunged it up with lots of charcoal shadows and round the border.

Gelli print background


12 x 10 Mixed media on Fabriano Artistico 140lb HP





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