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The ‘essence’ of a painted doodle

After finishing “Ruby”, I wanted to continue in the same vein. Do you ever find that one of something is never enough, artwise? I’ll probably keep painting these Doodle-pips until boredom sets in. The lovely thing about making these is that they don’t need planning and I don’t have to stick to the same supplies in order to achieve the results I want. For example, sometimes I’ll start with the word in the centre and then spray over with Liquitex acrylic spray paint, or I might water colour the back ground before adding the word. Sometimes the flowers are watercolour, sometimes acrylic and even occasionally Neocolor lls or coloured pencil. Free and easy.

This time the acrylic spray was used over a stencil ruler, some sequin waste and a fruit netting bag. Then I used a dye-based brown ink pad for the stamped text. The leaves and flowers are Peerless Watercolors, as is the background. The sequence was: outlining the lettering, spray painting, watercolour wash, detailing the lettering, doodling flowers, painting flowers and outlining them doodly before adding white pen and more doodling.

Abstract flower painting

Original mixed media flower abstract “Essence”. 9 x 7 inches on Fabriano Artistico 140lb HP. £25.00 plus shipping.



Daily distraction

It’s tough trying to write a blog on abstract art… especially if you haven’t actually done much art all week. I did manage to produce one piece – ‘Friendship’ in the doodle-pips gallery – but I was highly motivated to

abstract watercolour


do so in order to avoid having to buy a gift for my girlpal’s birthday. That sounds awful, but I find shopping in soulless stores and shopping centres pretty uninspiring. I would so much rather give something I have created, wouldn’t you? My friend will know that it is unique, that I thought about her lots while I was making it and, of course, it’s a pretty thing – well, I think so anyway.

Want to know how these are done? Okeydoke. I use Fabriano Artistico hot pressed 140lb watercolour paper. Generally begin with the word – experimenting with placement on some scrap paper first, outlining in pencil and then going over it with a waterproof fineliner pen. I spray Liquitex spray acrylic paint over a few random stencils and masks. In this case it was a bright acid green. When the paper is completely dry, I dampen it with clean water and lay down some watercolour washes – all different colors. The paint I’m using at the moment is Peerless Watercolors. They are awesomely ‘different’ and deliciously vibrant – I’ll see if I can find some product links and add them at the end of this post.

Next step is to doodle some flowers, paint them with either paint, markers or watercolour pencils – these were done with Inktense. I thicken up the lettering, add colour to it and doodle on it. (I like zendoodling!)

More doodling, more filling in with color — sometimes I’ll use brush markers. I go over the doodle outlines with my black pen — the scribblier, the better. Finally I add white, either with a white gel pen or a correction pen.

Anyway, I’d like to say, “Hello World, this is my new blog.” By its very nature it will be more visual than writey, so please forgive if I don’t update it very often. If you want to read my ramblings, then you might visit Tarot Journal – I promise it’s not all woo-woo-nonsense, you might even request I turn a card on your behalf!

Supplies mentioned above, both US and UK – look I’m not about to miss out on a small commission, am I? 😀