Family doodle

Not sure when this current addiction to making these doodle paintings will wear off. I’m having a lot of fun with them — they are very free and relaxing. Did this one the night before last but nasty cold is still hanging around and I didn’t have the energy to write even a blog post this tiny.

I’m keeping this one, but if you want something similar, just let me know via my Facebook page.

Family doodle painting


















9×7″ Watercolor & mixed media. £25.00 plus p&p. See Galleries for more details.

Serenity – abstract flower doodle

Summer colds are the worst, aren’t they? Spent yesterday moping around but managed to cheer myself up a little by completing this little ‘doodle-pip’.

Mixed media

The weather is so lovely at the moment, we are spending as much time outside as we can. If only I could get my garden to look like one of my doodles!

I have a vision of a little potting shed, lots of recycled containers and everything blooming like crazy. There’s me sitting on an upturned bucket sketching daisies!






9×7″ Acrylic spray paint, watercolor, acrylic paint and markers.. £25.00 plus p&p. See Galleries for more details.


Sunshine – at last!

It’s taken a while, but finally we have a glimpse of summer in Wales. I know that some parts of the UK have have a decent amount of nice weather lately, however poor old Wales gets more than its fair share of downpours and dull days. Spent the afternoon with a friend yesterday (the owner of “Freedom”) helping her put together a huge trampoline for her kids. When I got home, I was so full of sunshine that I made this piece.


9×7″ Watercolor & mixed media. £25.00 plus p&p. See Galleries for more details.

Daily distraction

It’s tough trying to write a blog on abstract art… especially if you haven’t actually done much art all week. I did manage to produce one piece – ‘Friendship’ in the doodle-pips gallery – but I was highly motivated to

abstract watercolour


do so in order to avoid having to buy a gift for my girlpal’s birthday. That sounds awful, but I find shopping in soulless stores and shopping centres pretty uninspiring. I would so much rather give something I have created, wouldn’t you? My friend will know that it is unique, that I thought about her lots while I was making it and, of course, it’s a pretty thing – well, I think so anyway.

Want to know how these are done? Okeydoke. I use Fabriano Artistico hot pressed 140lb watercolour paper. Generally begin with the word – experimenting with placement on some scrap paper first, outlining in pencil and then going over it with a waterproof fineliner pen. I spray Liquitex spray acrylic paint over a few random stencils and masks. In this case it was a bright acid green. When the paper is completely dry, I dampen it with clean water and lay down some watercolour washes – all different colors. The paint I’m using at the moment is Peerless Watercolors. They are awesomely ‘different’ and deliciously vibrant – I’ll see if I can find some product links and add them at the end of this post.

Next step is to doodle some flowers, paint them with either paint, markers or watercolour pencils – these were done with Inktense. I thicken up the lettering, add colour to it and doodle on it. (I like zendoodling!)

More doodling, more filling in with color — sometimes I’ll use brush markers. I go over the doodle outlines with my black pen — the scribblier, the better. Finally I add white, either with a white gel pen or a correction pen.

Anyway, I’d like to say, “Hello World, this is my new blog.” By its very nature it will be more visual than writey, so please forgive if I don’t update it very often. If you want to read my ramblings, then you might visit Tarot Journal – I promise it’s not all woo-woo-nonsense, you might even request I turn a card on your behalf!

Supplies mentioned above, both US and UK – look I’m not about to miss out on a small commission, am I? 😀