Abstractedly altered box

I have a friend who adores good quality packaging. Nothing makes her happier than a nice, strong, well-made box. She got a real habit going last year, ordering stuff from Harrods’ online store just so’s she could have it delivered in posh packaging.

Altered box

As you can see, she spread her gifts around and I was the delighted recipient of a bottle of ‘special’ wine in a Harrods’ box. So for this Christmas I thought I’d return the favour so to speak and give the box a makeover, stick a nice bottle of vino in and wrap it up for her.

Here’s how my altered box went…

1. Two coats of gesso.

Winebox makeover

2. Sprayed over stencils with Liquitex acrylic paint (the caps are behaving themselves as long as they are getting their hot water rinse right after use. They live in a cup of water until I need them).

Winebox makeover 1

3. Rough doodles – and I mean, really, really rough. It’s quite hard to draw on a box.

Winebox makeover 3

4. Colour added with markers and watercolour paint.

5. Gold outlined hearts and lots more doodling with black and white pen.

6. The magic charcoal rub and a little gold acrylic rubbed here and there.

7. Gold 3-D paint dribbled over the lettering.

8. Sprayed with semi-gloss varnish.   Winebox makeover 5 Winebox makeover 6 Winebox makeover 8 Winebox makeover 9 Winebox makeover 10




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