Abstract explorations

I am a self-taught artist, mostly working when I can fit art in around two home-schooled children, freelance writing and a Guide-dog puppy.

My art is mainly abstract – I am entranced by colour and texture… and the accidental merging together of both. I never plan a piece, whether it be a large canvas or a page in a journal. I like the work to evolve, almost by itself. Sometimes I allow my mind to disengage with the process altogether and just allow my hands to create without direction.

Materials range from watercolours, acrylics, mediums, coloured pencil, crayons, collage, ephemera, tissue paper… even eggshells. I reach for whatever is nearby. I use spray paint, stencils and stamps. I love paint-encrusted paper towels and I adore gel medium for its versatility.

I’m so happy you found my site. Please stay a while and browse my art. There’s not an awful lot here at the moment, but I am adding new work all the time.


6 thoughts on “Abstract explorations

  1. Lisa Lee

    Just discovered your work and love it! A photo of your work was shared on Facebook by a store owner that buys our products. I just bought a Gelli Plate with the intent to see how it works with our Art Squares. Your work totally inspires me…perhaps a day of creative versus just doing businessy stuff ! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Thanks so much, Lisa. Have fun with your Gelli Plate – it has given a great boost to art journaling and other forms of mixed media.

  2. Jean Whittaker

    Hi, I have just seen your work on FB and they are stunning. I bought a Gelli plate a few months ago but don’t know what to do with it, I think it’s a case of scared if I make a mess of it. Thanks for sharing your work.

    1. theraggededge Post author

      Hi Jean, you must have a play with it – lots of fun and you can’t hurt it as long as you don’t jab it with a sharp instrument :) Have a look at my article here: http://hubpages.com/hub/Gelli-Arts-Gel-Printing-Plate There is a simple description of how to get started.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely compliment. I’d love someone to send me the FB link so I can thank the person who posted it.

  3. caroline

    Had an art teacher in the 1970s with a floral painted VW beetle who sent us out shopping for silver forks to bend into bracelets. Your work reminds me of those days!


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